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Thanks for joining us for Animate with Stop Motion on September 7, an Apple Professional Learning Live event.

In case you missed it or you're looking for a quick recap of some of the resources, we’ve listed them below.

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Posted on September 08, 2023

I really enjoyed the lesson today. Using Keynote for stop motion animation is a fun and useful activity that students can use in any subject area. Just a great creative tool.

After going through the lesson one thing I'll be tweaking is the way students add the images to the Keynote slides. For a short animation of 8 images, the way demonstrated is fine. However, when being done with 50 images or some larger number, keeping track of which picture was added and which is next is hard when they all look so similar (which is how stop motion works).

Instead, I'll be setting up the Keynote slide size and formatting first. And then inserting the images directly into each slide, one at a time, via the camera option.

For example: Set up Keynote slides and format size and blank/white theme. Insert menu. Camera. Setup items. Snap picture. It's inserted onto slide. Move to next slide. Insert menu. Camera. Move items. Snap picture. Repeat.

To me this is easier for students to follow and keep up with, as they don't have to remember which of the many images they've used and where in the list they're at (again as the pictures all look so similar).

Just an idea and something I will be trying, thought I'd share.

Thanks again for a great lesson.

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