Bring literacy to life with creativity.

Audiobooks are a great way to introduce students to new authors and genres, help develop their critical listening skills, and provide a model for reading aloud. Hearing immersive and compelling stories can stir students’ imaginations, bring learning to life, and inspire new ideas. 

Throughout September, we’re celebrating a collection of Shakespeare classics adapted for children and released as audiobooks by Apple Books. The Short, Sharp Shakespeare Stories series reimagines the Bard’s plays for younger audiences, making these powerful stories accessible and engaging to children. 

Shakespeare’s plays are cultural and historical touchstones, and these audiobooks make his timeless tales more approachable through captivating narration, atmospheric sound design, and simple explanations of antiquated language.


A Midsummer Night's Dream, part of the Short, Sharp, Shakespeare Stories collection.

Download A Midsummer Night’s Dream for free until September 30

Available in all Apple Books stores where audiobooks are supported.



Now, empower your students to create their own.

Inspire your students to create their own audiobooks and podcasts in GarageBand using Everyone Can Create Projects. 

Help students capture their stories by learning to record and edit their voices using the Record A Podcast project. They’ll discover how to add music, atmosphere, and sound effects to their stories by downloading and adding audio loops in GarageBand. They can also score their own soundtracks using the Write Your First Song project — even if they’re brand-new to making music.

Explore Everyone Can Create Projects to learn how students can bring their creativity to literacy by animating a classic tale with motion graphics, capturing poetry using green screen effects, or creating compelling stories through sound.


Learn how, and explore more Everyone Can Create Projects > 

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