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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Apple Education Community is an online, professional learning hub where educators can learn, connect with others to share inspiration and resources, and get ideas for teaching and learning with Apple apps and devices. It’s a collaborative space created for educators with a shared goal — to make engaging learning experiences for all students.

    • When you sign up to join, you’ll be able to fully engage in the Apple Education Community. You can post, comment, and follow others to create more meaningful connections in the Forum. You’ll also be eligible to start earning badges and recognition in the Learning Center through the Apple Teacher program, and gain access to further learning resources.

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    • Apple Education Community content is accessible for viewing without any credentials, but you’ll need to sign in to earn badges in the Learning Center or engage in the Forum.

      You’ll sign up for the Community using your personal Apple ID (recommended), or a Managed Apple ID (assigned by your school). A Managed Apple ID must have a role of instructor, manager, or administrator. Managed Apple IDs with a student role are restricted from accessing the Apple Education Community. If you don’t have a personal Apple ID, learn how to create one.

    • Yes. When you use a shared iPad or Mac, you should always sign out when you’re done to protect your security and progress. To sign out, go to Account settings and choose Sign Out.

    • You can change your name in your Apple ID settings. You’ll see the updated information the next time you sign in to the Apple Education Community.

      To change your Community username, view your profile and tap the Edit profile and preferences button.

    • You can change your address for Apple Education Community emails in your Apple ID settings. You’ll see the updated information the next time you sign in to the Apple Education Community.

      To change other Community contact preferences, view your profile and tap the Edit profile and preferences button, then go to the Contact tab.

    • Yes. If you have trouble signing up or signing in, AppleCare can help. Contact AppleCare now.

  • The Learning Center offers skill‑building tutorials, lesson ideas, and inspiration from Apple. Build strong foundational skills for using iPad and Mac, and deepen student learning with Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand, and iMovie. As you learn, gain recognition through the Apple Teacher program and access further learning resources.

    • To receive recognition as an Apple Teacher, you’ll review learning materials and take quizzes to earn badges in the Learning Center. You’ll become an Apple Teacher once you’ve earned all six badges in either the iPad or Mac collection. You’ll also receive an official Apple Teacher logo and Certificate of Recognition to share with the world.

    • You’ll find comprehensive guides and learning activities, practice projects, lesson ideas, and inspiration for using Apple products and apps, plus links to books and online help in the Learning Center.

    • Apple Teacher is currently available in the following countries or regions and languages:

      • Australia — English
      • Austria — English, German
      • Belgium — English, French, Dutch
      • Brazil — English, Portuguese
      • Canada — English, French
      • Chile — English, Spanish
      • China mainland — Simplified Chinese
      • Colombia — English, Spanish
      • Denmark — English
      • Finland — English
      • France — English, French
      • Germany — English, German
      • Hong Kong — English
      • India — English
      • Indonesia — English
      • Ireland — English
      • Italy — English, Italian
      • Japan — Japanese
      • Luxembourg — English, French, German
      • Malaysia — English
      • Mexico — English, Spanish
      • Netherlands — English, Dutch
      • New Zealand — English
      • Norway — English, Norwegian
      • Philippines — English
      • Singapore — English
      • South Africa — English
      • Spain — English, Spanish
      • Sweden — English, Swedish
      • Switzerland — English, French, German
      • Taiwan — English, Traditional Chinese
      • Thailand — English, Thai
      • Turkey — English
      • United Arab Emirates — English
      • United Kingdom — English
      • United States — English, Spanish
    • In the Learning Center Preferences tab, select Account settings, then select Account Help, choose a category, and fill out the form to get support from AppleCare.

  • The Forum gives educators the opportunity to connect peer‑to‑peer and receive coaching and mentoring from Apple experts. Gain insight on questions, discuss relevant topics, and share stories and resources that impact learning and more. Expand your network of like‑minded educators while engaging in community‑based professional learning.

    • The Forum Beta is available in the following countries and regions, in English.

      • Australia
      • Canada
      • Ireland
      • New Zealand
      • United Kingdom
      • United States

      Users in these countries can create member profiles, ask questions via threaded discussions, share stories and helpful resources, all of which support rich media and attachments. Additionally, members may reply to discussions or comment on content throughout the site, as well as follow helpful content and share it with other members.

      Content approved for public viewing in the Forum Beta supports un‑gated viewing for all users.

    • You’ll find a wealth of content in the Forum — curated highlights, stories from peers, group discussions, and shared resources. Content is grouped by topic areas, and a General Topics area is available for open discussion and sharing on any relevant education topic.

    • For resources explaining how to use the Forum, including post types, how‑tos, and suggested best practices, visit the Forum Help Resources area.

  • Need help operating your Apple products and apps? Visit Apple Support to find user guides, tips for troubleshooting, and more. You can also find helpful videos on the Apple Support YouTube channel.

    Apple Support site

    Apple Support videos

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