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Level up literacy with creativity.

Everyone Can Create can bring literacy to life in meaningful and engaging ways. Inspire students to retell a children’s classic through motion graphics, capture poetry using Green Screen, or create immersive stories through sound. 


Developing Fluency with Poetry

Developing fluency and expression when reading (prosody) is an important component of early literacy and developing language proficiency...

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You Can Animate Two Homophones, Too!

Help students understand the difference between homophones by creating animations that show their meanings with this fun Keynote activity...

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Green Screen Creation: A Poem about Identity

This is a fun activity that takes about three 45 minute periods. It's a great way to jump start the year and allows you to get to know your students better...

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One Word Poems

A positive mindset helps fosters one’s belief in their abilities, as well as enhances creativity by encouraging us to explore new ideas. What better way to encourage positive mindset than with student created Pop Art...

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Let’s Act It Out!

This lesson project is aimed at senior school students from 14 and above studying English or Drama. Students create their own scene either of a play they have created or of a play already written. This is a great opportunity for students to study sound design and recorded voice...

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From Page to Screen: Little Learners Retell with Keynote

Keynote is one of our favorite iPad creation apps! Our little learners love to be animators and create visual stories with motion graphics...

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