Empowering Teaching

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Empowering Teaching

Empowered teaching uplifts educators and students alike. When teachers know how to use the latest technology and tools, they can adapt to the rapidly changing needs of students. Apple spoke with two education leaders about their strategies for effective professional learning through active leadership involvement.

K–12 Education Interview

Developing quality teachers leads to developing quality learners.

Learn how Prawit Srinongwa, Deputy Director at Panyapiwat Institute of Management Demonstration School in Thailand, creates a culture of continuous learning and sharing between teachers and leadership.

Higher Education Interview

The way we teach should be intrinsically related to how we want people to learn.

Learn how Michael Mills, Associate Dean at the College of Education in the University of Central Arkansas, explores how creating environments of non‑judgement can encourage teachers to start using technology in transformative ways to meet student needs.

Tools and Resources to
Empower Teaching

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