iPad apps for 6th and 7th grade math class

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to know the list of the best and useful iPad apps in order to design and deliver more engaging lessons for middle school math classes.My school has a card with 20 tablets for each grade level and I am really interested to incorporate them into my math classes.If anyone shares the list of the most useful apps and the objectives for them I would really appreciate your help.

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August 27, 2022

A really interesting question. If you are not aware of the ‘Mathematics Area’ in Teaching and Learning you could get a lot more focused visibility for your question there.

If you want to edit your question, go to ‘Topic Area’ and click/tap on ‘Change Area’ to select ‘Mathematics’ under Teaching and Learning.

August 27, 2022

Sharing a list of my favorite digital tools for mathematics, organized by topic. My preferences are based on opportunities for students to explore, interact, and discover mathematics using the digital tool.


Numbers file with topic, tool, image, and teaching tip.
My Favorite Digital Tools for Mathematics


August 27, 2022


August 31, 2022

What would you like your students to be doing on these devices? There are so many ways students can express understanding using that apps that they already have on their iPad.

September 01, 2022

I really enjoy using Keynote during math. Keynote not only allows students to work out math steps by showing the process in a digital form but also allows visual tools such as color coding objects, and shapes or images to connect meaning. Take it a step further and have students record their process with audio. Take it another step and have students add animation to create tutorial videos of the process. When they can teach the concept that deeper understanding is met. Keynote can easily be exported as a movie file and shared among others.

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