About Content Moderation

In order to keep the Community safe and reliable, user-generated content (referred to as “content”) will be reviewed by Community moderators as needed to ensure compliance with Apple Education Community’s terms of use.

Moderation Triggers

Content is subjected to moderator review for the following reasons:

  • Media and Attachments — Content containing embedded media and/or attachments is software-scanned for potential violations of Apple’s policies regarding explicit content and viruses. If content fails this scan, it’s rejected by the system and not published. The user is notified via email and may appeal the rejection. If content passes software scans, it’s published and sent to moderators for further review.
  • User Reports — Content may be reported to Apple by Community users in accordance with Apple’s reporting policies. Reported content is sent to moderators for review. If a report results in no action taken by a moderator, the content remains published with no notification to either user.
  • Keywords — Content containing certain terms may also be flagged by Apple for review by moderators.

Moderator Actions

Moderators can take the following actions when reviewing content

  • Approve — If the moderator determines the content is not in violation of Apple’s policies, the content is approved. Users will receive email notification when their content is approved.
  • Return to User — If the moderator determines the content needs changes to comply with Apple’s policies, the moderator will notify the user via email with suggested edits. The user may edit and resubmit the content, which will be sent back to moderators for subsequent review.
  • Unpublish — If content is deemed to be in violation of Apple’s policies, it is removed from publication. Users will be notified via email when their content is unpublished and may appeal the decision.

Content Moderation Appeal

If a user disagrees with any action regarding the removal of their content, the user may make an appeal by contacting education-community@apple.com.

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