About Content Review

In order to keep the Community safe and reliable, content will be reviewed as needed.

Media and Attachments

Content containing embedded media and/or attachments is scanned for explicit content and viruses. If the content passes these scans, the content is published in the system and sent to the moderation queue. Content in review for media or attachments is visible to Community members who are logged in, but not visible to anonymous browsers.


Content containing certain terms may also be flagged for review. Content in review only for keywords remains visible in the system.

Reported Content

If content is reported for any reason, it’s sent to the content review queue. Multiple reports against content will also temporarily unpublish content in the system until a reviewer takes action.

Content in Review

  • Can be followed
  • Can’t be edited
  • Can’t be shared nor receive comments/replies

Reviewer Actions

Reviewers can take several actions when reviewing content.

  • Approve — Finding no issues, the reviewer clears reports and publishes the content for all users. Authors receive email notification when their content is approved.
  • Return to Author — The reviewer returns the content with suggested edits to the author, who is notified via email. Author may edit and republish content, which will re-enter the review queue.
  • Unpublish — If content is deemed inappropriate, it’s unpublished from the system. The author is notified by email and may appeal the decision.
  • Delete — If content is found egregiously problematic, it’s deleted from the system. The author is notified by email, but there is no opportunity for appeal.

Content Review Appeal

If an author disagrees with a review decision, the author may make an appeal by contacting education-community@apple.com.

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