Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Forum. We look forward to your participation, and we’re excited to see what you share here.

The Forum is where educators meet to connect and collaborate about teaching and learning with Apple, from asking basic questions to exploring big ideas. It’s your space to grow professionally alongside other educators and Apple experts, expanding your network of peers as you learn.

Here are some important dos and don’ts to guide you as you share Content and engage with other Forum members.

All capitalized terms found in these Forum Guidelines have the same meanings and definitions as found in the Apple Education Community Terms of Service (“Terms”)

  1. Be Yourself.
  2. Create and register your account using a consumer Apple ID or an Apple ID provided by your Institution (Managed Apple ID). All Content that you post on the Site is connected to your user name and Profile so that other members can follow you and your Content. Please don’t share accounts. Encourage colleagues to join and post from their own accounts.  Visit our Get Help page for additional information on registration and use of Apple IDs.
  3. Accurately represent your role or authority in the educational Institution, school, or organization that you’re affiliated with. Follow your Institution’s guidelines and policies around what Content you’re authorized to share. In some cases, Institutions may consider Content created by their employees to be their intellectual property, and any use of such Content may require the Institution’s prior written consent.
  4. Don’t impersonate anyone else or any other entity. You may not misrepresent yourself or your affiliation with a person or entity.
  5. Don’t use inappropriate or offensive names or identifiers in your user name, Profile page Content, or posts. User names can’t contain full names, website or email addresses, personal information, or other contact information. Users who attempt to impersonate someone else will have their Submissions removed or may have their account deactivated.
  6. Be diligent about managing your Content.
  7. Managing the Content you submit
  8. As a Forum member, you can manage the Submission and deletion of any Content you share — such as a Discussion, Story, or Resource — and any Content you provide in your Profile.
  9.  A series of helpful guides for managing your Content are available in Forum Help Resources.
  10. Understanding Review of Content
  11. If the Forum is available in the country or region associated with your Apple ID account, you may be able to access and post the following types of Content: quizzes, statistics, written text, graphics, lesson plans, presentations, attachments, photographs, music, images, sounds, effects, videos, messages, apps, code, and other similar materials. Apple may review such Content using Apple and third-party technologies to help ensure safety, reliability, and compliance with the Terms and these Forum Guidelines.
  12. You are responsible for the Content you provide, and you should review the Terms and these Forum Guidelines, to understand clearly the scope of your obligations.
  13. To understand how Apple moderates Content, please review About Content Review in Forum Help Resources.
  14. Be collaborative and helpful. 
  15. Provide Content that other educators will find useful, such as best practices for teaching and leadership, exemplary lesson ideas, student project samples, pedagogical models, and Resources for professional development or the advancement of education.
  16. Share successful strategies for delivering equitable access that creates a future of opportunity for all learners. While innovative lesson ideas are great, we know that educators are eager for strategies. For example, how have you helped a student overcome a fear of fractions? Or what approaches have you successfully used to accommodate learners’ needs?
  17. Advance conversations and brainstorming with thoughtful responses, and avoid posting simply “thank you,” “me too,” or “kudos” to avoid long threads and make Site participation more enjoyable.
  18. Keep subject lines concise and clear so that Forum members can respond appropriately and search easily.
  19. Stay on topic and keep your responses relevant, or start a new Discussion, Story, or Resource to introduce new topics or ideas.
  20. For tips on how to submit content and create your profile in the Forum, a series of helpful guides are available in Forum Help Resources.
  21. Be mindful of privacy and digital citizenship.
  22. You are responsible for what you publish.
  23. Use a secure password, update it regularly, and never share your sign-in information with anyone.
  24. Never publish Content containing confidential information (including personal information) such as school IDs, passwords, sign-in screens, and security codes.
  25. To understand important dos and dont’s for educators to consider when sharing information on social media, download Keep Your Students (and Yourself) Safe on Social Media: A Checklist, by Common Sense Education, available in Forum Help Resources.
  26. Share only Content and information that you own, are authorized to share, or have a license to.
  27. Don’t share Content that includes personally identifiable information (PII) about anyone else, especially minors (under the age of majority in their jurisdiction). As examples, this includes Content that directly or indirectly identifies, shows, or depicts an individual’s full name; face; handwriting; phone numbers; geolocation; physical, email, and/or IP addresses; birth date; or government identification numbers. No grades, no assessments, and no part of a student’s academic record should be shared.
  28. When sharing any Content, review it carefully and blur faces, names, and all personally identifiable information. Be mindful of student, school, and district names on T-shirts, name tags, posters, desks, jerseys, backpacks, bulletin boards, display cases, buses, and so on.
  29. Know your school’s or organization’s policy on sharing information about students, and ensure that you have explicit parental consent for sharing such information.
  30. Don’t take, copy, post, provide access to, or otherwise use others’ property, image, likeness and/or materials of others without their permission.

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