Practicing Digital Citizenship and Protecting Student Privacy

The Apple Education Community is an online professional learning hub for educators using Apple technology for teaching and learning. The site provides hundreds of resources from Apple, and encourages educators to collaborate and inspire one another by sharing their own content. Community members can engage in thoughtful discussions, ask questions, and share resources and best practices.

As you share authentic stories and real examples of student work, it’s important to consider what’s appropriate (and what’s not). To help you with this, Apple has partnered with Common Sense Education — a trusted resource for millions of parents and educators as they guide their children and students through the digital world. Protect your students’ privacy online — and your own — with tips and training from Common Sense Education. 

Learn how to keep personal information confidential on social media.

Visit Keeping Your Students (and Yourself) Safe on Social Media: A Checklist or download the one-page checklist and multi-page infographic (attached at the bottom of this post) to display in your classroom.

It covers important topics such as:

  • Three questions to ask before sharing content online
  • The importance of establishing and applying transparent and compliant policies
  • How to tune up and protect devices and accounts
  • Things to look out for before posting content on social media and online

Take an online course: Protecting Student Privacy

The Common Sense Privacy Program was created to champion student privacy and support educators, schools, and communities on a path toward a more secure digital future for all kids.

The program offers a free, one-hour interactive training course, where you'll explore specific tools and methods for assessing the privacy and security of products commonly used in the classroom.


Training Course: Protecting Student Privacy title image with African-American female educator working on MacBook Pro laptop

About Common Sense Education

For more than 20 years, Common Sense has been a leading source of digital citizenship education, privacy best practices, and technology recommendations for families and schools. Every day, millions of parents and educators trust Common Sense Education’s curriculum, privacy tools, and guidance to help them make smart choices about the learning tools they use with their children and students.



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