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Hi, all! I will probably cross post this in the General forum as well.

Currently we have MacBooks in grades 6-12 and I would like to switch to iPad. I need to run an iPad pilot/trial in order to move forward. If anyone has done this and has any tips I'd appreciate it! I NEED this to be successful!! I plan to do the pilot in 7th grade in one of the buildings I oversee.


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August 29, 2022

Make sure your have your MDM ready (Jamf, Mosyle, etc…) you will probably run into few snags, rarely does it run smooth.

There are little things that you don’t think of, but add to the cost. Charging cart, cases, Apple Pencil/Logitech crayon. Make sure you to contact your Apple reps, and involve them in the conversation, they can be a great help.

August 30, 2022

I used the attached self-assessment doc from Pages with three schools we're piloting iPads with currently. Just remove or replace the hyperlinks in there.

I also utilize this paper to place in mailboxes... Just some getting started tips.

We had a guiding document we used with schools to plan our support. You'll find some of this looks familiar if you were in the Apple Learning Coach program.




August 31, 2022

Hi Rachel76! I would also recommend reaching out to your school's dedicated Apple Systems Engineer (SE) - they would be able to discuss your specific pilot goals and help you to discover the best possible options to fit. You can find out who your Apple SE is by calling 1-800-800-2775 and choose option 4 to get connected with your school's Apple sales team and set up a time to discuss how to make your pilot the best it can be!

September 01, 2022

We started a 1:1 iPad initiative about six years ago. Before we put iPads in the hands of the students, we gave them to the teachers. An entire year was devoted to coaching teachers as to how to use the iPad for learning. Creativity was a huge focus. Teachers completed projects that could easily be used in the classroom.

IMHO, if you do not frontload learning for teachers, the student initiative will not be successful.

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