Celebrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity in Schools


Hi all!

I thought I’d start a thread to see how other schools celebrate Diversity as part of their curriculum / pastoral plans? Our school is having a big push on DEI this year led by me and a small team. So far we’ve made sure it’s represented in all of our subjects year-round and also painted a huge rainbow on the school drive!

I’d love to see what other schools are doing.  

Picture of the front entrance of The Queen Elizabeth Academy in Atherstone. The front of the school has a large rainbow paint

Posted on October 07, 2022 in response to Mr_K_Stewart

Kyle, what a wonderful and welcoming school entry drive! And fantastic that you’ve included DEI in all subjects.

At our schools (4 high schools) we have tried to expand our focus in this area with:

  • School clubs (lots of variety so all students find a place)
  • School sponsored celebrations and commemorations centered around a variety of cultural holidays
  • Including more stories than what the texts provide in the teaching of history
  • Including a variety of literature from diverse authors

I am also mentor in the Teaching with Primary Sources Teachers Network. I often see posts about classroom activities in the teaching of history that broaden the scope of what has traditionally been taught.

One activity that teachers might use during celebratory or commemorative months (or all year round) is a Keynote Kiosk which can play on a classroom iPad to inspire students to dig deeper into these important topics. I’ve included an example here of one that can be used during Pride Month. It also features the Rainbow!

In addition the Learning Challenge series (Challenge for Change) from Apple is a wonderful resource for DEI Taking Action on Racial Equity and Justice

I’m also interested in what other schools are doing. Thanks for this question!


Question: Celebrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity in Schools

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