New Year's Wish

Here is my New Year's Wish . . . it's a hope for all of us. We are going to overcome the negative energy we face with optimism. Our vision and positive energy will be our true north. The magnetism of our actions - not just our words but our actions - will attract others along our journey.

It is easy to be negative. For some, especially with the proliferation of social media and electronic communications, negativism has become their default. Undisciplined behavior predicated on blaming others, complaining about everything, and defending their own position has become their own personal reality. These people suck the energy out of any situation - and often defend their own behavior by defining themselves as "realists or watchdogs" - but we know better.

We know that optimistic people are more successful. Optimistic people overcome barriers because they are more persistent. Researchers at NYU have found that "the brains of optimistic people actually light up differently on a scan than those who are pessimistic when they think about future events." Positive energy propels us to new success. Negative energy brings progress to a screeching stop.

As you take time to think about the new year, commit to a positive energy and positive vision. Together - in all aspects of our lives - we can make a difference simply through our attitude. Personally and professionally, my goal is to call-out the negative people in my life and in our organization. The behavior we permit is the culture we promote. Let's put an end to negative energy in our lives. Call it out, banish it from the room, and bring light back into darkness.

Your positive energy and vision - the energy and vision that start with your core values and behavior - must be greater than everyone else's negative energy. It's up to all of us!

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