Apple Classroom successful implementation

We are currently working on managed Apple IDs and the federation process. Once this is complete, I want to begin showing teachers how to use Apple Classroom.

We currently are 1:1 with iPads in TK-1 (and one K-5 school). I want to be strategic in the rollout of this and want to make sure it works. What has your process looked like for deploying Apple Classroom? How did you go about training all your staff? What made it successful and what might you have done differently?

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January 27, 2023

One of the biggest things I've seen is just making sure teachers are knowledgeable that Classroom is available for them. Once a few teachers start using it, it's spreads quickly to others.

Having a one page resource like this one ( that AbsolutelyApril created is super handy for teachers. You could remix her layout and customize it for your school.

I have seen complete teacher training on Classroom and it works okay, but usually, a smaller group PD is more effective... maybe during a PLC. Classroom is really easy to pick up and within 10-15 minutes you could show them the ins and outs.

I've also seen some really creative uses of Classroom that help it "stick" like utilizing the screen view of every student to have students show their level of understanding with a Keynote and a Red (don't understand), Yellow (kind of get it), Green slide (understand) when teaching a concept.

January 29, 2023

I have found that the key to successful use Apple Classroom is to make sure that everything is set up in your MDM right. If student and teacher devices are managed by MDM, and ‘roster’ information is imported to the MDM (as in, who is in each class and who is the teacher etc), Apple Claasroom should ‘just work’. For our teachers, the Apple Classroom app is already installed on their iPad, and when they open it their classes are already set up. Using it from that point is pretty intuitive, once teachers have been shown the basics.

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