Learning Exit Tickets


Anyone have great exit ticket ideas using keynote in your PreK classes? #DallasISD #iPad4EL

Posted on March 28, 2023 in response to andrea2432

Hey Andrea,

What if your exit tickets were an audio recording that your PreK student did? They could add the audio recording, reflecting on what they learned or did, and then you could listen to it later. Maybe they could even add an image from shapes that related to their lesson.


Posted on March 31, 2023 in response to mkemler

Hey friend! Techy PreK media specialist here #GPISD. We're neighbors!

First off, I LOVE @mkemler's idea. Props 🫰🏻

Another idea, if you want to keep all of their responses in one collaborative space, is to use apple classroom to send them to a collaborative Jamboard (google resource). You could create one Jamboard per lesson, show kiddos how to add a sticky note, and allow them to use voice-to-text for their responses. You could also have them add images of completed work or their faces showing the emotion of how they feel after the lesson. If you have bilingual or Spanish students, you are able to turn on their Spanish keyboards in System Preferences so that they can speak in their native language and it still write out their responses.

If you use a collaborative document you aren't having to get all 20+ kiddos to turn in an exit ticket for every assignment you want a response to. You COULD create a collaborative keynote, but depending on how your district has your little's AppleID's set up, that may or may not be a huge hassle to get them all on there.

Hope that was helpful 💜.

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