Literature on Technology in the Classroom

Has anyone read any good literature on technology in the classroom recently? I just finished 'Disruptive Classroom Technologies' by Sonny Magana and got a lot out of it that I wanted to share:

Some of the (many) things that jumped out at me…

For people to step outside of the comfort zone, they had to see why they should – eg. What the return on investment would be (p. 3).

How ‘digital worksheets’ rather than re-imagining tasks ‘may be another reason for the disappointing impact of educational technologies on student achievement’ (p. 11). Really made me think about how we can design activities that go beyond and are meaningful for the kids.  As Magana describes it, ‘transcendent technology use’ (p. 22)

That this generation of kidlets produce as much media as they consume (p. 42). So, how can we harness that in our teaching?

‘Transcendent technology use results in authentically original and unprecedented growth in knowledge, contribution, and value-generating performance’ (p. 65).

‘When it comes to digital solution development, failing often equals learning’ (p. 82).

The importance of teachers reflecting and monitoring their professional growth (p. 101).


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