Art and science, math, and language arts.


This is a question for middle and high school educators: Who all has integrated art with other curriculum areas in secondary education? Can you share some examples?

I am a retired college professor and former middle and high school teacher. I came out of retirement to teach elementary special ed, and have always felt art is a great tool for educators to get lessons to "sink in." I have found that there has to be a balance whereas the subject matter cannot be overshadowed by the art used.


Posted on November 15, 2023 in response to Renaissance_Man

In my physics course, around holidays or events, I have used Art as a bridge to learning, for example, vocabulary. In the circuitry unit we ended around Valentines day, so I had students draw or digitally create a piece of art that not only wished someone a happy Valentines day, but also used a physics term correctly.

For example, a student drew a complex picture of a heart with Ohm's law shown and wrote: "I can't resist you"

Posted on November 16, 2023 in response to Renaissance_Man

My students loved using comics to tell stories and express ideas in my middle school social studies class. This works for defining hard to understand terms (i.e. types of government, economic systems, cause and effect, etc…). It could range from short one day activities to longer overarching projects. It was engaging for the students to create and fun for me to read and give feedback. Not to mention the multimodal approach helped my students that struggled with writing.

Question: Art and science, math, and language arts.

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