Pro-Logic and Final Cut Pro on the iPad


Hi friends!

i was excited to read the news that Pro-Logic and Final Cut Pro are making their way to the iPad later this month! I think that these tools are really going to take student and teacher creations to the next level.

Posted on May 23, 2023 in response to jeremy

I am very interested in seeing if they offer a free version for schools/students to use. They already offer a very steep discount for the Mac versions.

Posted on May 23, 2023 in response to jeremy

I agree! Today's the day! Were you able to get started with either?

Posted on May 24, 2023 in response to kelseyJ

I went into the Apple School Manager and downloaded Final Cut Pro and Logic. It didn't make any mention of in app purchases in the listing through the manager. However, I don't have any iPads that can handle the apps.

Since you can't make in app purchases through the school manager I am curious for more information on this. I can't find anything anywhere.

Posted on May 30, 2023 in response to Rtteachr

This is a really good point. I assume that we could provision these apps for our students, but they'd need to use a personal Apple ID to pay the subscription. We make a point of not insisting on our students requiring an Apple ID, so I'd love to know if there is a way that we could provision these for our Music and Media students with the school paying the subscription.

Posted on June 01, 2023 in response to Jentzly

I keep trying to find something about this and have come up with zero. It would be nice if Apple would publish something someplace about it.

Posted on March 13, 2024 in response to Jentzly

Managed appleIDs make it impossible for us to use Logic on our iPads. VPP won't allow us to use in-App purchases. Really looking for Apple to have a solution for 1:1 districts that utilize the managed IDs (as promoted).

Anyone have a working solution?

Posted on June 01, 2023 in response to jeremy

I am not a big far of subscriptions, but do elect to opt in for great apps such as Logic. I’ll be paying the $49 per year once my trial expires.

I wish there was an option to purchase outright and a discounted per-seat plan for educational institutions. We’re still early in the life of these apps for iPad, but letting our concerns be known as educators might generate some results.

Logic is amazing, but my iPad is too old to run Final Cut. 😢

Question: Pro-Logic and Final Cut Pro on the iPad

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