Will Lost Mode be reset if I wipe devices?

I'm in the process of collecting our iPads for the summer, and am wanting to wipe devices in specific device groups. My question is, if these devices are currently in Lost Mode, will being wiped cause the iPad to exit Lost Mode and become unlocked?

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May 30, 2023

Hello, and thanks for the question.

As so often is the case with Deployment and Management, your experience may vary depending on several variables. Two that immediately come to mind in this situation are deployment model and MDM implementation.

I just ran a test where I used an MDM solution to place an iPad into Managed Lost Mode. I then sent a command to erase this iPad. After it deleted all content and settings, I was prompted in the Setup Assistant to re-enroll into the MDM (thanks to Automated Device Enrollment). After it enrolled, it was immediately placed in Lost Mode again. Your MDM may handle these commands differently and your Automated Device Enrollment settings may differ from mine.

I recommend reaching out to your MDM solution and seek their recommendation to create the desired outcomes.

May 30, 2023

Thank you! This is what I thought was going to happen. I'll run a test with one of the ones that is already collected to see what happens. Shoulda thought of that myself. 😂

June 11, 2023

Kevin, I’m not sure what MDM you used for your test, but we are using Mosyle and it did the same as your test.

August 01, 2023

Hey there. Late to the game, but wanted to answer this. I am using Jamf Pro and I know that there is an option to have Lost Mode re-applied when the iPad is re-enrolled. As long as you have that box checked (and it is by default) then the answer is yes.

This may be different with different MDM solutions, though.


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