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Hi Everyone! I recently complete the Apple Learning Coach program, and I am thrilled to put what I learned into practice. I am currently teaching in the classroom, and my coaching would be an additional task to take on. I would like to negotiate a reasonable stipend/salary increase for the additional work; however, I don’t have a reference point. I am wondering if anyone is currently merging their coaching with an existing teaching schedule, and may be able to provide some insight into what a reasonable figure would be to ask for.

Thanks ahead of time!


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July 20, 2023

Tyler, in my experiences with three schools (two public, one private), the size of the stipend is dependent on the time spent outside of normal operating hours fulfilling associated responsibilities for the role. I would expect a stipend for edtech coaching to be less than or equal to half of an athletic coach's stipend, simply because your spending a good amount of time with teachers during school hours.

Of course, your mileage may vary. I acted for a semester as an esports coach. We met twice a week for an hour and a half from September through December (totaling approx. 36 hours) and received a $2,000 stipend before taxes. I also ran carpool for several years about 5 years ago which was 25 minutes extra everyday after school and received a $1,600 stipend.

I hope these examples and information can provide some guidance, but I know they are not banana-to-banana comparisons (wanted to avoid the obvious pun there).


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