Accessibility for All - ADE Institute 2023 Continuing the Conversation


iPad Accessibility for All: Playground Collaborative Share 


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Collaborating and sharing around accessibility is such an impactful experience.  We hope you had an incredible time at the Accessibility Playground at the America’s ADE Institute 2023. Session Resources:  Accessibility ADE Playground (Open in Numbers). It was truly inspiring to witness the enthusiasm and dedication each of you showed towards creating inclusive learning experiences for all learners.

Get ready to dive into a world of limitless learning possibilities! At the playground, we unveiled invaluable accessible design tips along with learning structures to support empowering all learners to embrace autonomy in their educational journey. We also showcased many of the awe-inspiring accessibility features of the iPad. Let’s keep the momentum going by continuing the conversation in the Apple Education Community!  In other words, let’s “yes, and” the playground session and share!  

We’ll leverage this forum post like a discussion as a follow up from our live playground with the hopes that we can keep the conversation around access and accessibility features going!  With that, we need you to kick off the conversation!  


IPad Accessibility for all with accessibility logo. ADE Institute 2023.

Ideas for sharing in this thread: 

Start a conversation or ask a question!  Make sure to first introduce yourself and briefly share your role and location.

During the playground, was there a tip, trick or new tool that you’ll be taking back with you as you continue to make an impact in equitable learning experiences?  

Share experiences, ideas, resources and success stories related to accessibility in education.  What is your “one best thing” when you strive for access in your classroom? 

Join us as we collaborate to foster a vibrant culture of access in our learning communities. Together, we can achieve the extraordinary!  André, Tanya and Melissa

Posted on November 16, 2023 in response to AppyTeacher

I'm Catherine and I am a primary teacher from Ireland. Accessibility should be at the centre of everything we do. Using iPad for a child with vision impairment in my school was by OBT. Before getting her iPad she was required to use a visualiser that enlarged all the text however this made her feel self-conscious. Having an iPad and using voice over and other tools allowed her to participate fully in the classroom.

Question: Accessibility for All - ADE Institute 2023 Continuing the Conversation

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