Everyone Can Create Projects Ideas

What meaningful learning opportunities could you design using Everyone Can Create Projects?

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January 24, 2024


My students learn the fundamentals of music and terminology through creating their own music in GarageBand. From podcasts (choosing their own topic to share their own passions with the class), to beats, and culminating in a final project that is compiled with others in the class and released on Apple Music.

There's no better way to learn and to be able to dissect the art than from the inside, creating your own works. I'm so grateful that GarageBand allows for this creativity, even at the novice level. The Everyone Can Create resources greatly facilitate this process.

You can find my students' class albums on Apple Music here:


Pop Art

Additionally, my Music Appreciation students used the Pop Art project with composers to create book covers for their Music Appreciation Textbooks last semester.


January 31, 2024

We have used these with our teachers in professional learning so often! We LOVE that the teachers can walk out of our sessions with access to the resources to replicate the learning with their students. One of our favorites has been Pop Art. During Hispanic Heritage Month, many of our teachers had students researching impactful figures and creating artifacts incorporating what they'd learned. I recently visited an elementary art classroom where the teacher shared that Frida Kahlo pop art was one of her favorite lessons this year and one of the first times that she felt comfortable enough to bring iPad into instruction.

February 01, 2024

I love using Everyone Can Create Projects in my role as an Instructional Technology Specialist! One of my favorite projects is "Animate with Stop Motion" in Keynote.

Professional Learning

I introduced this project to educators at an elementary school I support. I provided each teacher with a set of materials (trail mix). They then created their own stop motion video to show how to separate the mixture.

Physical Education

I partnered with a PE teacher to use this Everyone Can Create Project to capture her students cup stacking. It was a great way for her students to show each stop required to stack the cups correctly.


A 4th grade teacher I supported used this Everyone Can Create Project to have her students show their understanding of mixtures. They used various math manipulatives to show how to separate a mixture.

I love how these project ideas can be used with teachers and students! The step-by-step guides are easy to follow for all learners, and they can be applied to many different contents! The projects are a great way for students to create, collaborate, and problem solve to show their understanding! It's also a great introduction to a specific tool.

February 01, 2024

I am working with a group of children on the podcasting project. They are collecting local stories from their small island.

The island is rich in history and culture so a podcast about its past, present and future is a perfect way for the pupils to learn about the power of storytelling.

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