Hi everyone,

I am on my apple teacher journey and want to start looking at the portfolio. I am between different classes at the moment and each class only has access to a few iPads, all with varying apps. We are not able to download apps or buy apps in our area. We also are constrained by not being able to take pictures of the kids only their work.

Anyone in the same situation id love to hear how you manage to create lessons and content etc with these constraints.

Thank you

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February 23, 2024

Keynote is a great place to start! There are so many things that you can do on this app, and it’s free and should already be on your iPads. Some projects that I have done with Keynote are creating a poster/infographic, making GIFs, and just using a template on Keynote for them to work out a math problem in steps. Here is a link to my book on the Apple Book Store with more information about how to make a poster and two different GIFs all within Keynote:

February 23, 2024

Yes a challenge, but good for you for forging forward.

When I’ve been shy of tools or equipment needed for lessons I’ve used station rotation. An example - one station has the iPads with an activity and other stations would have different content activities. Learners would rotate through all the stations.

I’ve also had students work in teams (one iPad per team). They can take on different roles in the team and I have had them create movies, do interviews, or collect photos with the iPad (depending on the topic).

One helpful thing is that you don’t need a lot of additional apps with the iPad. The standard ones that come on the device such as Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Voice recording can take you a long way in building lessons or having students create projects. You can take photos of their projects and use those in the Portfolio.

I hope some of this helps and that others will jump in with more ideas.

February 28, 2024

Kudos to you for seeking out ways around your challenge! There are so many cool ways to utilize iPad and it can feel frustrating when you have restrictions to work through. You can totally do this!

I would echo what Cheryl said about sharing devices. Are there activities that you can design that support collaboration with a single device. An activity I like to do with groups and one device is Stop Motion. A team of 3 students is perfect for this. One photographer, one direction, and one scene setter. It would be great if you had access to the Stop Motion Studio app, however, if not, students can take pictures with the iPad Camera and drop them into any movie making app or even Keynote to publish their video.

With the restriction on apps, I would lean on built in iPad tools. For example, students can do some amazing things with a picture and the markup tools. My go to app on the iPad is Keynote. I will have students do just about everything there. They can build animations, draw, create with shapes, and share information all in one app.

I am curious to know what are some of the subjects you teach and what apps do your students have access to. Maybe we can brainstorm some specific ideas for your classroom.

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