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I have been working on Shortcuts for education. I wanted to start a thread to see if anyone else has been creating Shortcuts. I created this Homework Shortcut:

Homework Reminder | Shortcuts | iOS

Please share any ideas that you have or any ideas that you would like to work on.


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March 26, 2024

Super homework reminder! Makes finding homework easy. Thanks for the example.

I hope others jump in with Shortcuts. Here is another Shortcut posted in our Community that I found helpful: Accessibility in Education #29 - Accessibility Shortcut

May 07, 2024

I recently found the Shortcut to identify the last 10 or so contacts added to my phone helpful. I'm not the greatest at keeping up with personalized cards, so I prefer to put new contacts in my phone. However, I sometimes forget to include their organization/school when I save their contact info. Then when I go back weeks later to communicate with them, I can't remember their name!! Ugh!! Using a shortcut, however, I can identify the newest contacts on my phone and go back and add their details! Here are the steps:

Open Shortcuts -> New Shortcut ->Search "Contacts" -> Tap "Find Contacts" -> Sort by "Creation Date" -> For Order, choose "Latest First" -> Toggle on "Limit" and select how many you want to search -> At the bottom search bar for apps and actions, type "Show Results" and add it -> at the top, rename your shortcut....maybe something like "New Contacts" -> Tap "Done" in top right.

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