How to Get App Store Apps onto MacBooks?


I have approximately 50 staff members who have MacBooks. We manage these devices using Kandji MDM. I want to push out apps that come from the app store to my users, but it seems the only way to do so is to log in on the device itself to an Apple ID. I've tried doing this by creating a generic Apple ID, but then that ID is signed in on tons of different devices, and requires 2-factor authentication, so if those users try to update or download new apps, I would have to give them the password and provide the 2-factor authentication. I have to imagine there is a better solution; can anyone share what they do to push out App Store apps?

Posted on April 10, 2024 in response to jasonhicks


Are you using Apple School Manager for your organization? You will want to take a look at the Apple Platform Deployment Guide: specifically the area around Content Distribution:

In short you will connect your MDM to Apple School Manager and make "purchases" in that platform as an admin. Those licenses, which can be for both free and paid apps, are then managed from Kandji MDM where you should be able to do things like associate or scope the apps to specific machines, people, etc.

I hope that is a good start!


Posted on April 10, 2024 in response to rsaeks

Thanks so much for your response! We do have ASM; I had it in my head that for some reason that only worked for iOS/iPad apps, but I'm seeing the Mac ones there now. Thank you!!

Posted on April 16, 2024 in response to jasonhicks

Hi Jason!

Also, be sure to reach out to your aligned Apple Education Systems Engineer as well - you have a dedicated team to help you with all your Apple EDU solutions! You can find out who your Apple SE is by calling 1-800-800-2775 and choose option 4 to get connected with your school's Apple sales team.



Question: How to Get App Store Apps onto MacBooks?

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