Teach the Teachers!

People will do their best work when they have the best tools. But is this enough?

A great talk from Jennifer at the Apple Education Community Summit in Sydney identified the 3 key components for professional learning for teachers:

  1. equip them with professional grade tools,
  2. provide personalised resources that meet the needs of every teacher, and
  3. build a partnership through professional learning.

It is not about investing in just the tool, but investing in the people too. If teachers are excited about the content in the classroom and how they are teaching it, then kids are excited and they are more engaged in their learning.

It is not just about putting the devices in the hands of the teachers and walking away. We are going to shape tomorrow's skills in students today by equipping teachers with the tools and resources and building a partnership WITH them.

What are the best ways to give our teachers this support?

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