Bring characters to life with animation


Animate A Character Using Motion Paths

Now that we have insight into how characters from Wolfboy and the Everything Factory are created, it's time to learn how they are brought to life through animation. Watch series' animators, Sean Bishop and Jane Kernan, make Wolfboy run using six sketched keyframe drawings.

Feeling inspired? Download the 'Animate A Character' activity and learn how to create movement in Keynote using motion paths. In no time, you'll develop a unique scene from Wolfboy and the Everything Factory using characters and settings from the show. Challenge your students to create their own animated story within the magical realm of the Everything Factory.

Have fun, and remember to share your animations to inspire other educators to get creative with motion paths in their classrooms.

The first five episodes of Wolfboy and the Everything Factory will be available to teachers, students, and families to watch for free until October 30. 

Watch now for free on Apple TV+ 


Wolfboy and The Everything Factory from Apple TV+
Wolfboy and The Everything Factory from Apple TV+


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Posted on October 04, 2022

I can’t wait to share this with my students.

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