Heardle Listening Activity (Music)

[Important Note: Some Heardle songs use explicit language. Please screen your daily songs before presenting them to your classes!]

Everyone seems to be captivated with Wordle, Byrdle, Octordle, etc. I have enjoyed completing my daily Heardle which is a name-that-tune-type activity that presents one second, then two seconds, then three seconds, etc. of a song up to a maximum of sixteen seconds.

I implemented this activity into my college music appreciation course last semester not only to challenge students to identify the song and artist, but to put their knowledge of the fundamental elements of music to the test. As I screen mirrored the activity to our AppleTV and played each segment, students used the attached Pages document to make notes and see how quickly they could identify meter, tempo, tonality, instrumentation, and any other elements within the short clips presented.

I found that this activity helped students to apply the concepts discussed in class to more familiar popular styles of music. This warm-up activity was very effective in setting the stage for a great class session each day.

I always had this document available in Pages, PDF, and in print so that all students could participate in their preferred methods (even if they forgot to charge their iPads the night before). 😄

If you have a specific curriculum, this activity might be adapted to use a curated playlist rather than the Heardle resource. I look forward to hearing how you might use this or similar activities in your classes. Please feel free to modify and use this resource as it works best for your classes.


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Posted on March 11, 2023

What a great idea! The Heardle is such a relevant way for students to test their knowledge. I bet students have fun with this in class. Thanks for sharing the template!

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