Gaming and Metaverse Education Resource [GAMER]


Gaming And Metaverse Education Resource (GAMER)

Are you researching, discovering, or using game-based learning for the iPad in classrooms? This is a place to share and find ideas and answers. Be it Apple Arcade, Swift Playgrounds, Augmented Reality games,  3rd party solutions such as Prodigy Math Game, Minecraft, or Xbox Cloud Gaming, this is your Gaming And Metaverse Education Resource (GAMER).

Start simple by letting us know here some of the following:

1.    What iPad games, or games using iPad are you using or have you used in the classroom?

2.    What game do you want to know more about before using it in the classroom?

3.    With which grades and subjects are you looking for gaming support?

Some of us bring a wealth of experience to this topic. I, for example am a Global Minecraft Mentor using Minecraft Education Edition daily on iPad.

Some of us have a lot of room to grow in this topic. I, for example would love to know more about the iPad’s augmented reality gaming for classroom use. 

Share your needs, wants, and knowledge here and this community will do its best to move everyone forward together! Game on!


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Question: Gaming and Metaverse Education Resource [GAMER]

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