Leading an iPad Initiative


We have had some wonderful successes in our iPad roll out at our institution. One of the areas we are continuing to develop is how to personalize integration and increase collaboration with these new devices. While there are some departments who are interested in having full-integration of iPads for their instructors this year, others are still not invested in utilizing these tools for instructional practice. As we begin 2023 and as more iPads are being delivered to faculty and students, we want to grow our initiatives to see sustainable momentum for innovative learning and teaching. One of the ways I see this happening is by developing more relationships with faculty and staff to find out individual needs across our campus for growth. Other areas relate to growing more hands-on activities with iPad technologies to show faculty and staff the versatilities of these tools for instruction. Finally, I think it would be beneficial to highlight and utilize iPad integration practices that are working based on research and shared learning experiences. 

What are some areas where you have seen success or difficulties when leading instructors to integrating new technologies into their pedagogical practice? 

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Question: Leading an iPad Initiative

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