Advocating for my team


In my district, our technology support and digital learning team has pretty much been told that we did our job during remote learning and that we no longer matter. This is incredibly frustrating, as we want to support our other departments and teachers as an ally. We want them to see us as partners that can help enhance learning that is already happening. We’re not here to replace teachers and good teaching. We’re not better than anyone. We’re peers that are here to help. I created a Keynote with the lens of meeting with some of these teams and people to show how we can bring some creativity and engagement to enhance the amazing things already going on. I’d love to get some feedback and suggestions. What should I change? What can I add? I’d also love to hear if anyone else has dealt with this before. If so, how did you handle it? Thank you!


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Posted on January 27, 2023 in response to JennyS

That is a very tough situation. I think your slides are beautiful and create room for conversation. I'd really focus on that dialogue and how your team can meet the needs of teachers in new ways now that you district is back to in-person instruction. I know I've talked to a lot of teachers who are seeing their colleagues swing back toward less use of technology after some of the burnout that occurred with remote learning during the pandemic.

Best of luck in initiating these conversations within your district! I hope you'll keep us updated about how they go!

Question: Advocating for my team

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