Safer Internet Day for Early Learners


Today is SAFER INTERNET DAY 2023. As an early years teacher, I know that initial discussions and learnings about digital citizenship and internet safety (hopefully) start first in the home, but then are followed closely by the experiences I can offer in the classroom.

In Prep (first year of formal schooling in Australia - 4/5/6 year olds) I like to model and teach the practice of students asking their friends for permission before taking a photo of them. As a teacher, I also try and model this when taking students'  photos as often as I can.

How else can we promote and encourage our early learners to be responsible digital citizens?


Posted on February 12, 2023 in response to Rachel_TechPlayTeach

Love the idea of helping early learners develop positive online habits from a young age, Rachel!

Each semester, I ask adult students, preservice teachers in one of the courses I teach, to create public service announcements related to digital citizenship for their future students. Here's an example of the kinds of things they create:

Posted on February 12, 2023 in response to JessicaH-W

That is fantastic! Thanks for sharing 🫶🏻

Question: Safer Internet Day for Early Learners

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