Getting Leadership Buy-in From the New Regime


In 2016 our District adopted iPads as our 1:1 device in grades K-8. This decision was made by the Superintendent, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and the Director of Technology. All 3 of these leaders made this decision after working and communicating extensively with an Apple Education Executive and got to really feel the buy-in, not only for the devices, but also on Apple's Culture of Learning. Not only did they make an investment in devices but also in a team of Technology Integration Specialists that would support a blended learning initiative in alignment with Apple's ideas.

Fast forward to 2 years post-pandemic - we have a new Superintendent, new Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and a new Director of Technology and none of them were a part of the initial processes. We also no longer have a team of Integration Specialist - there is just the one me (Instructional Technology Coordinator). I have been working with our leadership executive to try to create a plan of action for getting building principals on board, but the problem is I am struggling with actually getting central office on board! My question for the forum is "How do I create buy-on on Apple's culture of learning and blended learning in general with a leadership team that was not a part of the initial adoption?!"

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Posted on February 07, 2023 in response to KimMarshall

Hi Kim ----

4 areas to be prepared to cover....

1) Cost benefits to the district over the life of the device (you'll be surprised to learn that iPads<>Chromebook are nearly identical over time (highlight less support in #4 below)

• Get with your Apple Sales Rep and discuss....

• purchasing vs. leasing

• guaranteed buy back price

• AppleCare+ for Schools

• Include management costs (MDM)

• Have a 5 year total cost of purchase/repair/buy back

2) Student benefits

• Why are students more engaged using Apple tech (think how much more creative they can be)

3) Faculty/staff benefits

• Highlight Apple Classroom

• Everyone Can curriculum

• Apple Teacher to build skills

• Ask faculty for examples that show using their Apple devices enhances their classroom and enriches their curriculum

4) Support benefits

• AppleCare+ for Schools eliminates broken devices sitting around to be repaired

• Techs can concentrate on real issues

• Fewer Techs required

BONUS discussion point > Community benefits - are there any in your district? I'll bet you find some if you look :)

Gathering that info and coming prepared for a full discussion will move you down the road with your administration - good luck!

Question: Getting Leadership Buy-in From the New Regime

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