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Hi all, Our small, coaching pseudo-department is drafting documents to advocate to join our members officially on paper and become a department within our school district. We are currently titled as PD coordinator, Technology Integration Specialists, Math coach, STEM coordinator, Reading specialist, etc. One small part of this includes drafting an evaluation rubric to better evaluate our effectiveness. We are currently evaluated yearly with a teacher's rubric. We use a slightly modified Danielson Evaluation Rubric.

Would anyone be willing to share their coaching rubric? We are piecing ours together with three examples but would love to see any that may look different than the three we're currently adapting from.

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Posted on March 21, 2023 in response to Coach_Me_Holly

If anyone is looking for follow-up: this is where we ended. It is currently still in draft form but is getting closer to a finished product. 🎉

Question: Coaching Evaluation Rubric

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