Multisensory Storytelling

As a Masters student a few years ago, I became very interested in the idea of digital storytelling and the capacity to make a story more interactive through involving more of the senses in the experience. I love the opportunities we have using iPad for creating multimodal stories, using text, images, video, audio, animation and more. I am also passionate about using technology to support all learners both as creators and recipients of stories as a digital product.

In 2018 I created a teacher resource book, Multisensory Storytelling, available on the Apple Book Store. Using the story of Red Riding Hood as an example, it includes a series of possible iPad apps and processes for creating digital stories and focuses on both inclusive story creation as well as creating accessible products. Some aspects of the book are starting to show their age, technology can change a lot within a couple of years, but all of the concepts and apps explored can still be used dynamically as presented, to create fun and achievable products.

The resource is written for teachers and the activities are suited mostly for upper primary to middle school. You can find and download the book at the link below. Please connect with me if you would like to collaborate or share any ideas.

Here is the link to download the book: Multisensory Storytelling on the Apple Books Store

The image attached to this post is the book cover.


5 replies

August 26, 2022

Awesome resource! Thank you for sharing.

August 27, 2022

Love the ideas in the book, will certainly be sharing with my diocese.

September 01, 2022

Lisa, what a great book! Providing students with multiple ways to show what they know and create meaning is a wonderful thing to highlight. I love the GarageBand example. Thanks for sharing!

September 01, 2022

This book has inspired a lot of learning experiences with teachers, especially during the pandemic! The activities really highlight the possibilities of creativity on the iPad.

September 04, 2022

That's awesome to know that it was useful Nancy, thanks for letting me know 😀

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