Augmented Reality Books for Teachers

In the last three years I have devoted a lot of time and energy to learning more about the purposeful use of Augmented Reality in education. During this time I decided to create a collection of simple books that help guide teachers on their own journeys with #ARoniPad in the classroom based on my own discoveries. From the basics to the more advanced, there is something in this collection for everyone! Click the links below to download any of the books:

Getting to Know Behaviours

This book helps a teacher to learn more about the various behaviours in the app Reality Composer, along with suggestions of how to use these behaviours in an AR experience through integrated curriculum.

Exploring the Alphabet in AR

Aimed at Early Years and Primary teachers, this books helps a user to incorporate the app AR Makr into a literacy lesson, exploring for the letters of the alphabet and using them to form words.

Building an Augmented Reality Escape Room

One of my biggest success with AR in education has been to help teachers utilise this innovative technology to design an AR Escape Room, where students walk around the AR experience, looking for clues and content to answer.

My Journey Through Augmented Reality

In my first book, I talk about the discoveries I had during my first year of working with AR. Included are some helpful tips and tricks to get teachers started.

What Makes Me Me?

This book goes into the detail about a "getting to know you" project for students. Based on the classic back-to-school activities that are so popular during the first weeks of school, this project elevates those ideas through adding an interactive layer, helping to bring student work to life using Eye Jack app.

Meet the Teacher

Using the app Scavengar, teachers can learn how to build an AR scavenger hunt for their students to help them learn more about their teacher for the new academic year.

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Posted on January 11, 2023

What amazing resources you have created! Thanks so much!

Posted on January 31, 2023

Wow! I just went through your book "What Makes Me " "me" and it's amazing how you have been able to use AR! Thank you for sharing!

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