Podcasting Made Easy with GarageBand

This podcasting lesson was designed for 8th grade students in an English and Language Arts class. The assignment is to interview two people about a topic of your choice and create a news podcast relevant to the school community. Students use QuickTime to record the interviews and GarageBand to record the rest and edit it all together. When finished, students export and upload their audio files to SoundCloud in order to share them with family and the school community.

Here's a guide that students can follow. Feel free to edit for your classroom.

Podcasting made easy guide for students to follow.
Guide for planning and producing a podcast with GarageBand

Students use the podcast planner to first plan their interview questions, and later to script the other portions of their podcasts. Again, feel free to edit for your classroom. Students can then make a copy of this template to fill out.


Podcast planner template file for students to copy and fill out.
Podcast planner template for students

How have you used podcasts in your class?



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Posted on August 31, 2022

Thank you for this great resource Heather! I love how you mixed QuickTime and GarageBand and then published too! Way to get that authentic audience! 👏

Posted on September 21, 2023

Thank you for this resource Heather! I started looking on the community as I wasn’t entirely happy with my writing template.

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