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Collaborating as a Technology Integration Specialist with our 7-12 Wellness department has been a great way to introduce the power of Numbers. Teachers wanted a way for students to self assess, and take more ownership of their growth in Wellness. Using their Department Rubric, and the standards for their Wellness Skills we created a Student Portfolio.

Students will upload a movie their first attempt at a movement skill and self reflect, then they will choose their best attempt later in the course. This helps students showcase growth, reflect on their skill ability and grow in confidence.

The other component is a weekly check in using the Wellness rubric, and moving "stickers" for each section. The student will screenshot and upload to our LMS for teacher comment and relfection.

Working together with my Wellness Department and helping them reach their goals using meaningful feedback loops has been immensely rewarding. Showcasing student growth and ownership of that growth with the creative powers of Numbers!


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September 28, 2022

I really like how you have everything formatted! It will be super helpful for a few of my classes. Thanks so much for sharing!

A couple of recommendations when it comes to form:

Regarding your cue, "Knee behind toe line during lift", I'd recommend a change. It is extremely common for your knees in a squat to need to go past your toes dependent on your femur to tibia length. Sufficient dorsiflection is necessary to achieve full parallel depth of the squat as well as keeping the foot flat/heel down. I would replace this coaching point with "Keep knees in line with toes" or possibly "Keep knees wide". When the lifter maintains their knee position in line with their toes (preferably the 3rd metatarsal) instead of allowing their knees to collapse into a valgus position, it will help them protect their knees, keep their foot contact more even, and allow them to have a more balanced press into the floor.

September 30, 2022

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this TEMPLATE @ladybug05! I can see this for skills lab use in CTE programs as well as nursing schools etc. What do you think @KateK-AppleEDU?

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