Healthier Society - Skeletal System Edition

I love this years Challenge for Change and cannot wait to incorporate it into my Anatomy and Physiology classes. I think we are going to use the challenge for a few different body systems, the first one being the skeletal system. This is a revamp of a lab I have always done, but adding on the challenge makes it more real world and authentic.

We will start with researching bone health with this NIH Library of Medicine publication on healthy bones. Students will analyze and break apart this article and create a mind map or sketchnote of what they find relevant to their lives and their own health.

Next, students will work through an investigation where they test how the environment alters bone health. They will use chicken bones and a substance of their choice and record before and after measurements such as mass, volume, density, and strength. This is organized in the attached Numbers doc below. They will create a one pager of their data and results.

To finish the project, they will be challenged to share their findings in the form of a PSA with the community. They will have the creative freedom to do this however they see fit, but the PSA should be a public friendly conclusion to their research and experimentation.

I can't wait to see what they come up with! The numbers doc attached will be used for the lab portion to help keep them organized and the rubric is a work in progress for the final PSA. I would love any feedback on the project or rubric suggestions! We will start on this project next week!


How does the environment alter bone health graphic


Numbers doc image
Rubric for project


3 replies

October 07, 2022

Jodie, what a great way idea!

October 07, 2022

Fantastic Jodie! Super to take off on the Challenge for Change Learning Series: Help Shape a Healthier Society - perfect for your class.

What an important question - How does the environment alter bone health. I hope you can add some of your student’s PSAs here. I bet they’ll do a top notch job of showing what they’ve learned from your engaging challenge!

October 09, 2022

Would love to hear more about his challenge for change? Is this a US based initiative?

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