Digital Daily Affirmations

In response to the many needs for social and emotional learning and supports we see in classrooms recently, many teachers have included daily affirmations into their whole class instruction. I was inspired recently by a teacher who created an independent affirmation station by placing a mirror in a corner of her room with affirmations attached to the mirror. 

I wondered how we might create an affirmation station that was more accessible to students who weren’t yet reading, or needed more support, so I created Daily Affirmations using live video, audio cues, and automatic transitions in Keynote.  

view of Daily Affirmation Keynote slide including audio, live video, and text

I used the Rainbow Dynamic background to create visual interest and added text using iPad-friendly fonts. Then I added a live video frame and recorded the affirmation. It would be powerful to have students add their own audio in their voice, or the voice of a trusted adult like teacher or family member. Then I adjusted the audio build in on each slide to be after the transition so it would automatically play.


Image of animation build order menu showing start after transition

Next I added automatic transitions between each slide, adjusting the timing to give the audio time to play and the student time to repeat.


Image of Keynote showing automatic transition menu

Finally, since live video is new to so many of the staff I work with and to make this presentation ready to use for students, I added an instruction page to get everyone started. 

Image of cover slide with directions for enabling Live Video and playing presentation

The big idea behind this project is that students (and their grown ups!) can open this file when they need a boost or a break, play the presentation, and repeat the affirmations while seeing themselves without having to rely on reading skills or moving around the classroom. 

I’ve shared the Daily Affirmation file in this post so you can give yourself and your students a boost when you need it! Please let me know how this works in your setting!


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Posted on October 29, 2022

I love this! Thank you so much for sharing the template with us. I plan to share this template with the preservice teachers I work with. College students need a boost sometimes, too :)

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