Developing self-assessment quizzes with Keynote

Have you been concentrating in class?

Going through some old school work I found a poster of Australian cricketing legend Sir Donald Bradman, the poster comprised a large piece of green cardboard along with handwritten information and a few glued in photocopied pictures I must have found in a book. Those were the good old days!

Now, assessments come in many forms. This Keynote tool will help retrieve the information learnt during a unit from the students’ heads, and is an example of the retrieval practice which boosts learning. Students demonstrate knowledge of the content material by developing their own questions and answers. The gameshow element (game-based learning) helps consolidate learning and makes it fun!

I really believe in the saying “use it or lose it,” we have all walked out of a Professional Development session and if we haven’t put what we‘ve learnt into practice, we’ve lost the information.The act of repeatedly retrieving knowledge from memory strengthens connections and makes you more likely to be able to recall the information at the later date. Retrieval practice helps students and teachers, and can support deeper learning.

Keynote is one of my favourite apps, it can be used in so many different ways. Students can use this keynote template, start fresh, or build their own quiz template. I haven’t added any photos to this template however, this wouldn’t stop students adding their own - the possibilities are endless! The template design is simple with a basic background and colour scheme. I hope this encourages students to change the colours to their own preference and individual taste.

This template also harnesses the power of hyperlinks. Students will need to add hyperlinks to link the correct answers with the next stage/level and the incorrect answers to the end slide. 


Screenshot of Level 1 in the template.

Students will need to then test and evaluate their own design, which is an important part of the design process. Students will need to confirm that the product works the way it is supposed to and if it needs any refinement.

The whole Keynote has been set to links only (Document -> Presentation Type -> Links Only). Therefore, the only way to move through the Keynote is by using the links.


This assessment could be used across most disciplines, anytime you want to retrieve the information out of;

  • Reading - e.g., novel studies 
  • Mathematics - e.g., multiplication facts, word problems etc.
  • History Unit - e.g., Greek mythology, Australian History
  • Science - e.g., Natural Disasters.

Please share below other ways you may use this template, and use this opportunity to ask questions!

More information:

• Adding Links in Keynote on Mac

Adding Links in Keynote on iPad

• Retrieval Practice - Why it Works



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Posted on November 29, 2022

Great resource, thanks for sharing.

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