Wellbeing and iPad – Resilience and Mental Health


This lesson empowers students to explore practical ways to build resilience and where to find support in times of need. It leverages Apple’s new app Freeform which allows students to collaborate, explore and build their own knowledge bank. There are a number of resources from The Resilience ProjectBeyond Blue and The Kids Helpline which students will familiarise themselves with in order to gain a greater understanding of mental health. 


Lesson Objective: Students will be able to build resilience and identify the signs and symptoms of mental health problems and where to seek support.

App: Freeform


  • Using the Freeform app, students will collaborate (via iCloud) on a shared board to explore the resources. At this point, the teacher can scaffold the learning and resources needed through the template below.
  • Students can add images, text, recordings, files and much more to provide an overview of mental health. I have provided 4 key areas, Positive Thinking, Self Care, Problem Solving and Seeking Support as subheadings for the teacher to adapt as needed for their students and context. 
  • There are a number of prompts on the Freeform board to support discussion and research around resilience and mental health support services.
  • Students will then use the collaborative board to jigsaw their ideas with their peers and create their own Freeform board based on their new learning. Encourage them to use elements from the template.


Freeform iCloud Link – open on your iPad, Mac or iPhone and click on the dropdown menu from the title and duplicate to make a copy.

Scenario Cards PDF ⬇️

Duplicating the Freeform Board 

Freeform User Guide – apple.com

As always if you would like any help with this or anything else digital technology, please reach out. I’d love to hear how you have used this in your classroom. 

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