Real-World Decisions Based on Systems of Linear Equations

Resource: Systems of Linear Equations Your Turn (Numbers file)

Required Materials: iPad, Numbers app, Safari, Internet access

Description: I created this resources for my College Algebra courses to use after introducing and examining the methods to solve systems of linear equations. The students work in groups of two to complete this activity. There are research and analysis components:

  • research two truck-rental companies (and costs) 🚛
  • research two restaurants that serve pizza (and costs) 🍕
  • compile all data and write the systems of linear equations to model the companies and restaurants
  • analyze the systems of equations and write the solutions

Outcomes: After completing this resource, the students can discuss their results and expand their findings by applying this type of analysis to other comparisons that they may encounter in the real-world.

Let me know what you think about this resource in the comments below.


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Posted on March 20, 2023

You can't go wrong doing anything with pizza! I think this is something that students can really "sink their teeth into." ;) --even if they aren't really eating the pizza. Maybe a local pizza restaurant would be willing to give a coupon to award to the best group presentation? Anyway, this is great.

Posted on March 20, 2023

Although I don't remember much about linear equations, this seems like a great application of mathematics into a real world scenario. And the format of your lesson is so well-structured, ready for implementation. The workbook document looks so well laid out as well.

I would learn math for a slice of pizza!

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