Collaborative Applied Music Practice Record Document - Seeking Non-Music Applications

Hello Everyone -

[Although this resource is music-specific, I would love to learn of ways that you might adapt this to function with students in any of your classes. Please share any transfers and alternate applications for this resource with me. I would love to continue to revise and develop this model to support my students and teachers within and outside the field of music.]

This resource was originally presented at the 2021 International Trumpet Guild Conference, but is applicable for any applied music course or lessons (recommended for advanced high school and college students).

The document itself was created in Numbers, using one Sheet for each individual lesson throughout the semester, providing structure, planning, and reflection opportunities for the student, all of which I assert are critical in learning to play a musical instrument.

From the instructor's perspective, the collaborative process enables reviewing the student record at any time, but especially in the hours or minutes prior to a lesson. Just as a medical doctor might stand outside the exam room door and review the patient's chart before entering the room, the instructor is able to review student's progress since the last lesson as they prepare for their lesson time with that student.

From the student's perspective, the document serves as a repository for all etudes assigned and allows for practice scheduling, record-keeping, and reflection. Always having the assigned material listed on each Sheet prevents loss of sticky notes or forgetting what is to be practiced. Taking time to schedule practice sessions for the upcoming week engrains proper habits that are conducive to developing performance skills over time. The reflection aspect permits the student to pause for a moment to encapsulate any progress made and any setbacks that might have occurred and to hypothesize why these may have taken place. This element is frequently overlooked in applied music study. However, I assert that it is the critical component that leads the student to continue to be successful years after one-to-one applied music lessons have concluded. [We're in the business of making life-long learners who are self-sufficient in their continuing education, right?]

Another great benefit to this process is that after the semester has concluded, this document serves as a portfolio of work completed throughout the semester. Each semester begins with a clean slate and a new document.

You will find a DEMO Document and a CLEAN Document attached below.

I am also including a link to the original presentation co-presented with my partner in crime and wife, Kelly! 😊

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide on additional applications of this resource!



2 replies

September 28, 2023

Thanks for sharing this resource Donald! Downloading now. Going to share this with others in my district and will get back to you about uses in other areas.

Thanks again!

September 28, 2023

Thanks Donald , I will share this with our Band Director.

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