Stage 1 Structured Literacy VC and CVC Words Slide

As an ESOL and Tier 2 Reading Teacher I am always problem solving to find effective and engaging ways to support my students and their teachers to reinforce and practice learning. Typically, the five percent of learners most of whom are neurodiverse that I work with for reading will need between 40 to 200 repetitions before VC and CVC words become automatic.

As these students move through the stages of which ever Structured Literacy approach your school may be using they will usually continue to need a higher level of additional support.

I decided to trial using Keynote Slides, adding the relevant Stage 1 letter sounds (m, s, f, t, p, c, a, i, ) to make vc and cvc words. I then added an action and the basic Move effect to slide the letters down the slide. Previously these students were having a lot of difficulty 'sliding' or 'blending' their words and were 'Robot Reading' without blending. I've found using the slide image and concept of moving quickly down the slide very effective for these learners. This can be used as a whole group or class warm up and then later with support in small groups with a teacher or learning assistant (teacher aide).

This resource could be adapted for different stages such as double consonants (hill), digraphs (wish) and long vowel teams (day, rain). You could also add an image to reinforce the word if that worked for your learners. I decided that would be too much of a cognitive overload for my group at this stage. I am going to make several other slides at higher levels to be used for support in class by the teachers and learning assistants (teacher aides).

I hope this is helpful and can be adapted for your learners who need extra literacy support.


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