Conditional Highlighting Quiz

We use a textbook for my World Music course, but I also append a chapter I created (Pages-EPUB-Books) on the music of Andalusia to the course, a result of a research internship in that beautiful area of the world. Because I am still piloting this unit and because I try to inject some technology skills into each of my classes, I don't hold students to as high of an assessment standard as the other chapters and invite them to learn a new skill. I have found that a fun way to assess comprehension of the material is to have students create their own quizzes and exchange them with a classmate for their summative assessment.

The process of creating a conditional highlighted cell was demonstrated in class when the template was delivered. Students peruse the chapter and write twenty questions they feel are the most important from the chapter, then create those conditional highlighted cells for the answers. In the next class, students AirDrop quizzes to each other and complete them while I walk around the room observing their work. Conditional highlighting allows the student to make multiple attempts at each question until they come up with the correct response. At the end of testing period, students AirDrop their completed tests to the instructor. It's an assignment that hopefully ends up with all students scoring 100%.

Some of the challenges I have faced in administering the exchanged quizzes:

  • I now assert that the answers precisely follow the same spelling and formatting included in the chapter, giving the quiz taker a better chance of turning that cell green.
  • It is important to walk around the room to assist students with technology issues and to help look out for poorly designed quizzes.
  • I will request student-produced quizzes one day before the quizzes are administered next time to proofread them and verify that conditional highlighting is designed correctly.

This is a fun activity and if implemented early in the semester, the technology instruction will allow students to engage in this activity more often throughout the semester. Feel free to adapt and use with your classes. 😁


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