Notes in Numbers / Animation in Keynote

I found that using Numbers to take notes in class has dramatically improved the quality of content interaction and organization. I've been teaching for 15 years and up until this year, I have always had paper based notes in which students copy content from a presentation I show during class. Now I organize my Numbers files as a unit or chapter then use the sheets to represent sections of content from within the unit. Keynote slides can be inserted as images within a sheet and since the notes are digital, students are now able to dramatically increase how they interact with the content.  Adding slides, tables, graphics and links now become a dynamic and continual note taking process.

Students are able to take videos of chemical reactions they perform in class then insert the video into the Numbers sheet.  Instead of doing the chemical reaction once, students can review and relive the experience within their notes at any point in time.


In addition to using Numbers, Keynote has giving my students the freedom to produce short movie animations that relate to content and showcase their unique creative talents. Here is an animation made by one of my chemistry students after they performed the classic "Elephant Toothpaste" chemical reactions in class. Instead of capturing video of the reaction, I wanted students to build an animation of the reaction.



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