Supporting Digital Wellbeing and Time Management

As an educator and avid Apple device user, I have been impressed by the continual introduction of built-in tools and functionalities that promote digital wellbeing and time management. These tools can support students and families to attain a balanced approach within the classroom and at home. Three of my favourites are demonstrated in the video and summarised below.


Do your students get distracted by messages, notifications, games and entertainment apps? The built-in functionality of ‘Focus’ can help students to concentrate as they customise notifications and select which home screen pages they can access while at school. A Focus can be scheduled to turn on automatically at a set time or location.


The ‘Reminders’ app gives your students peace of mind in terms of what they need to remember. You can create reminders with subtasks, attachments and set alerts based on time and location.

Screen Time Data

Apple devices give us access to data on how we are interacting with our device. For example, I’ve just discovered that last Thursday I received 186 notifications in one day! This has prompted me to change my notification settings. Screen Time data can help students to consider changes that may help them to better care for their digital wellbeing. The types of data available include:

I've attached a Numbers document to scaffold a lesson sequence to activate prior knowledge of student understanding of digital wellbeing, explore their own Screen Time data and apply learning towards the creation of a movie. Please feel free to download and personalise this document for your students. 

How do you utilise the tools and functionality of Apple technology to help students focus and manage time? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section.


2 replies

August 05, 2023

These are such great tips for cultivating a more balanced digital life. I turn on Do Not Disturb throughout the workday to have more control over my notification and ensure greater focus when I'm on my device. I've also started using the Pomodoro Shortcut to help me create short windows of focus that build in time for breaks.

September 18, 2023

Thanks for the Pomodoro Shortcut tip Jessica - love this idea!

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