Book Talk - A Framework For Teaching Final Cut Pro and Videography in the High School Setting


cover page of ebook
Hello, My name is Michael Clear, ADE Class of 2023. During the COVID pandemic I had some extra time at school and I decided to create an ebook to share what I do in the classroom teaching Final Cut Pro. I wanted to share my love of photography with my experience teaching Final Cut Pro to high school students.

In order to for students to be successful in editing videos, they need to start with quality video footage. I start the year teaching the student about photography and the principles of videography so that they can create amazing footage that they can be proud of. Even though the book is about video, the first section of the book is helpful for anyone who wants to take better pictures or even teach about taking pictures.


same page from ebook

The next section of my book is a crash course on teaching Final Cut Pro. I highlight some of the basics so that anyone can start editing with Final Cut Pro after reading through my basics. I also include some student created examples of various projects that my students have created over the past few years.


screen shot of ebook showing example of Final Cut Pro


screen shot of Final Cut Project Examples from ebook

I hope in the 30 pages of my book one can get an idea of what is involved in teaching Final Cut Pro in the secondary setting.

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Posted on September 09, 2023

Thank you Michael for authoring and sharing this very extensive resource! I sure wish I had something this detailed when I was teaching video and photo (many years back!). Your book will be so helpful to teachers using photography and Final Cut in the classroom.

It is so wonderful to be able to easily author to Apple Books and share out. You’ve done a nice job!

PS - I love your Star Wars figures - fun shot examples!

Posted on September 11, 2023

Thanks Cheryl. I looked around my son's toys and thought the Star Wars figures would work well. Since they have grown out of them now, I keep them in my classroom for stop animation. I used some of my down time during COVID to bring in my photo gear take the pictures for the book. If you look at the footage in the Final Cut Pro section, the clips of my daughter and her friend skiing. I am so glad I get to teach video editing again after taking a break for awhile.

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