Wall of Fame or Wall of Shame Persuasive Project (Early European Explorers)

Students should research the history and events involving early European exploration of the New World. Once the research or teaching unit is complete, the students can choose one of the explorers they were learning about to showcase in a persuasive activity. They will argue whether or not that explorer belongs on the Wall of Fame or the Wall of Shame from the explorer's perspective. Add whatever criteria/requirements you desire.

  1. Download the Talkr app from the App Store.
  2. Search for an image of the person they are researching (it is helpful to have a close up portrait that is facing forward) and save that image to the photo library. (Choose an image that does not have copyright restrictions 
  3. Open the Talkr app and click the add button in the bottom right corner.
  4. Select the image you saved to your photo library.
  5. Select and refine the outline of the face and mouth.
  6. Tap on the record button to record your prepared speech. You even have the option to type in text instead of recording your voice if you don't have a quiet space to record in.
  7. Once you have completed the recording you have the option to edit the pitch of the voice so it is deeper or higher.
  8. You can review the clip and watch as the face from the image moves to match the recording you made.
  9. Once you are happy with the clip you can save it to photos by clicking the share button.
  10. When the clip is in your photo library as a video you can attach it to the digital assignment and turn it in or share with others.



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