Los colores en Español (Colours in Spanish)

  • Students learn the colours by watching a wowing presentation.


  • Students chose their favourite colour in Spanish responding to the key question: ¿Cuál es tu color favorito? (mi color favorito es ....) [What is your favourite colour? (my favourite colour is)]
  • Students count the number of letters of the name of their favourite colour in Spanish
  • Students are asked to take photos with their iPads of objects or places in school with their favourite colour (one photo for each letter of their colour in Spanish: example - azul is 4 letters so the student will have to take 4 photos of objects or places that have blue)
  • Students go out and take their photos

  • Students come back to class
  • Students open keynote
  • Students write down their colours in Spanish
  • Students choose the font and size
  • Students watch this video to learn how to fill up their letters with the photos that they have just taken


  • Students fill up their letters with their photographs.
  • They share their keynote presentations on the screen.


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